Kalen Vaughan Johnson

Robbing the Pillars

The first book in The Empire Barons series.

A tale of hidden pasts, love and betrayal, and a working class fight against a legacy of gold and all those it seduces . . .

History provides us with ongoing chronicles of human nature. While gleaning the details of past events, if we’re paying attention, we discover the essence of our core being. There truly is “nothing new under the sun,” to quote King Solomon. While I write historical fiction, I focus on depicting events that reveal human nature; of delving into the humanity of my characters in such a way as to promote the best of ourselves, and to unveil our failings.

Kalen Vaughan Johnson

The “Legislature of a Thousand Drinks” – Who were these guys?

In my historical novel, ROBBING THE PILLARS, Judge Dandridge bemoans the damage done to California’s reputation by the notorious “Legislature of 1000 drinks.” Despite their crudeness, more passion and purity of focus existed in California’s “legislature of a thousand drinks” than the most sophisticated and well-financed groups of legislators that followed. This moniker became indelibly attached to the first state legislature held in a make-shift capital of old San Jose.

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