Promise of the Mango Leaf

Illustrated by Scott Dannenberg

Promise of the Mango Leaf

by Kalen Vaughan Johnson

In January 2016 my husband and I were privileged to travel to Haiti with a group called, HEARTS and HANDS for HAITI. This organization has worked for many years, hand in hand with the Haitian people. It is an effort that strives to partner with the Haitian team, promoting their local knowledge of resources, customs and unique challenges, to arrive at a mutually designed self-sustaining model to ensure spiritual, educational and economic Haitian self-sufficiency. This dedication to strengthen and equip leaders, both Haitian and American, has lead to the enhancement of current programs of agricultural projects, alternative energy sources, and improvements in quality of life with good potable water in the communities.

pereIn the mid 1990’s, God touched the heart of Jean Pere Nadieul each time he saw children begging in the street. God gave him a vision and provided him with spiritual brothers Phillipe Remilien and Milo John who shared his passion. Under the direction of Jean Pere Nadieul, and with help from abroad, The Children’s Home was built in 1997 and expanded to include a girl’s home in 1999. This is Pere’s story. It was written to record the history of their accomplishments, to become a part of their school library (translated in Creole), and to inspire the children of Haiti of how much they can achieve.

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